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Brazilian Hair

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Brazilian Styles Collection comes in 10 – 32″ in length. Made from 100% Remy human hair in a full headset extension (100 grams) or headset bundle (300 grams)

Body Wave

Loose Wave

Spanish Wave

Deep Wave

How To Pick Your Style

Picking the right texture to blend seamlessly in with your own natural hair is easy with Endless Hair Extensions once you know your own hair’s texture. To do this, first wet your hair and examine your strands closely. You are looking for either a curl, wave, frizz, straight pattern or a combination of them. Still unsure? We’re happy to help! Email us or check out our support page.

Can I Sleep In My Extensions

These tips can be used with any Brazilian extensions including products like our Brazilian body wave bundles, Brazilian hair bundles with closure, and Brazilian hair bundles.

Can I Sleep In My Brazilian Extensions

After you buy ‘Brazilian hair’, you’ll find the most misleading and confusing subject in the world of extensions to be if sleeping with extensions is a good idea. The most frequent question we get asked is, “if I buy ‘Brazilian extensions’ or Brazilian hair bundles with closure can I sleep in them?”

Although you can sleep in your Brazilian extensions it’s a good idea to braid your Brazilian extensions before bed to avoid potentially damaging your scalp from the tracks pulling and tugging on your hair during the night. I certainly didn’t want to hurt my hair or scalp, so I was sure to braid my Brazilian hair before going to bed. Of course, I didn’t really want to take these precautions with my Brazilian hair bundles before going to sleep because I wanted to treat them like my own natural hair. Read the rest of the blog post and see how you can wear Brazilian hair bundles and Brazilian hair extensions

Can I Sleep In My Brazilian Extensions

High Quality Brazilian Hair Bundles & Brazilian Body Wave Bundles

If you’re shopping for premium quality Brazilian hair, Brazilian body wave bundles, and Brazilian hair bundles then you’ve found the right place! We are a trusted destination for quality Remy human extensions: Brazilian hair bundles and Brazilian body wave bundles that are also affordable so you can get the hair you desire.

Why Brazilian Hair?

Our extensions can transform your ordinary hair into your dream hair. You can have longer and thicker hair without sacrificing feel or look as our Brazilian hair are 100% Remy and blend in seamlessly with your own natural hair. 

About Our Brazilian Hair Bundles With Closure

If you like experimenting with different hairstyles, be sure to check out our hair blog! All of our Brazilian hair is made from the highest quality 100% Remy (Including our: Brazilian hair bundles, Brazilian hair bundles with closure, and Brazilian body wave bundles). What’s stopping you from getting that dream hair you want with Brazilian style extensions!

  • A Word From Our Founder

Jennifer - the visionary behind Endless Hair Extensions - started a journey to "provide all women the chance to gain confidence in their looks and achieve their hair dreams with thicker, longer hair! There's an extension for every woman whether it's clip in, tape in, sew in, wig or bundle."

Jennifer - Visionary and CEO of Endless Hair Extensions