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Made From 100% Remy Human Hair and Comes In A Full Headset.
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Fine: 120g

Our 120 Gram set is perfect for adding extra length and volume to fine or thin hair.

Medium: 160g

If you have an average amount of hair but want a hair boost, our 160 Gram is great.

Thicker: 180g

The 180 Gram set is if you have big hair dreams to fulfil and in need of mega volume.

Thickest: 220g

Reserved for those serious about length requirements & in need of a volume blowout.


Endless Hair Extensions’ Seamless Wefts


Suited for thin and medium hair, you’ll find our double seamless wefts to be everything you need and want in a clip in extension. Our seamless wefts are shed-free as well as quite durable and versatile! The wefts lay flat like hand tied wefts and are 30% thinner than lace or traditional wefts. If you’re looking to purchase  extensions that are comfortable, add length, and are easily concealable, you’ve come to the right place!

✓ Best for thin and medium hair.

✓ No extra volume at the roots

✓ Can be washed, heat styled and dyed

✓ Made from 100% Remy hair

Is Remy The Best For Extensions

Remy hair has the longest life since the human hair shaft (cuticle) is present, attached and strong. Has not been swept off the floor and have had its cuticles stripped and replaced with silicone that will wash off. You can do whatever dying, bleaching, curling etc. you want on this human hair as well.

Take care of your extensions with simple common sense. Brush or comb gently as your hair. Wash as often as you need to. Since this human hair is Remy, there is no silicone to be washed off. Causing the hair to matt and tangle with misaligned cuticles.

Does Remy hair shed or tangle?  

Just as real human hair will tangle if not brushed regularly, so will Remy extensions if not brushed. Remy hair does help prevent matting. Simply brush and care for your extensions along with your natural human hair to ensure a smooth transition and to keep your hair looking beautiful.

Why Our Clip In Hair

After you buy ‘Remy clip in extensions’ you’ll see how they’re perfect for adding extra oomph to your own hair so you can get dense and beautiful hair even if your natural hair is thin or simply lacking the volume you want. Not only that, but the colors of our  extensions will perfectly match your natural hair color. 

About Our Extensions

We truly believe in customer satisfaction! Feel free to contact us for help to pick your  extensions or otherwise. We are happy to help you with any of our products. Contact us if you need help choosing the right color or length.

  • A Word From Our Founder

Jennifer started a journey to "provide all women the chance to gain confidence in their looks and achieve their hair dreams with thicker, longer hair! There's an extension for every woman whether it's clip, tape, sew in, wig or bundle."

Jennifer - Visionary and CEO of Endless Hair Extensions


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