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Voted Top 50 Hair Blogs As Seen In


Voted Top 50 Hair Blogs A Seen In

Thinning Hair

Thinning Hair?

Thinning Hair? Don’t despair! Use these tips to maximize any thinning and learn healthy habits as you achieve your dream hair.

How to Fix Dry Hair

How to Fix Dry Hair

Let’s talk about how to fix dry hair, it’s causes and remedies to help you fight against this damaging hair issue.

Common Hair Extension Myths

You may have heard some of these common extension myths before, so today we’ll tackle a few so you can see how easy it is to achieve your dream hair!

The Ultimate Hair Coloring Guide

The Ultimate Hair Coloring Guide

So you wanna dye your hair? Before you do, you need to know how to properly care for your newly colored hair: Introducing the ultimate hair coloring guide!

How To Fix Common Hair Styling Mistakes

How to Fix Common Hair Styling Mistakes

We’ve all made hair styling mistakes before, but today we’re going to tackle how you can fix those common hair styling mistakes and get your hair on track.

Natural Heat Protectants

Natural Heat Protectants

While you may not want to think about natural heat protectants, your hair seems to be lacking the “oomph” it once had, your hair may be damaged.

Curly Hair Tips

Curly Hair Tips

We’ve talked about curly hair tips before, like how to protect your curly hair while swimming or whether you can sleep or workout in your extensions.

The Ultimate Hairbrush Guide

The Ultimate Hairbrush Guide

The hairbrush is the least thought of and in the Ultimate Hairbrush Guide, we’ll show you how to pick the best hairbrush to fit in your hair care routine!

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

You may wonder how often should you wash your hair because let’s face it, most of us are lazy and don’t want to do more work than needed.

Air Dry Hair

Air Dry Hair Extensions

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about the reasons you should air dry your extensions and how to put less stress on your hair by not using hot tools!

how to use clip in extensions

How To Use Clip In Extensions

Did you know that extensions can do more than add length & volume? In this post, we’ll be talking about different ways to use Clip In extensions!

hair care routine

4 Oils to Add to Your Hair Care Routine

While hair oils aren’t the most glamorous hair products to add to your hair care routine, they’re great to fight against common hair issues such as dryness.

Hair Not Growing?

Hair not Growing?

Hair not growing past a certain length? We’ll be talking about the reasons and solutions so you can have beautiful long hair again!

5 Common Hair Mistakes

5 Common Hair Drying Mistakes

In today’s blog post, we’ll be tackling 5 common hair drying mistakes you’re probably making and how to avoid them! Bonus: how to use your towel properly.

Can I Workout in My Extensions?

Can I Workout In My Extensions

Many girls ask us, “Can I Workout In My Extensions?” The fact is, having an active lifestyle doesn’t have to exclude you from wearing extensions!

How To Wear Extensions

Today is all about how to wear clip in extensions and specifically how to wear our extensions. Watch the video to see how quick & easy it is!

Different Types of Extensions

Different Types of Hair Extensions

Clip In, Tape In, Sew In, Bundles…what do these words even mean? Today we’re going to demystify what all these different types of extensions are!

how to wash your remy hair

How To Wash Hair Extensions

It’s extremely important to understand how to wash your extensions and properly care for them even if they’re made from 100% Remy Human hair.

Remy Hair vs. Virgin Hair

Remy Hair vs. Virgin Hair. Can Virgin hair be Remy or non-Remy? We’ll be answering these and many other questions all about the different hair qualities!

Protect Your Hair While Swimming

Taking a dip in the pool? Before you jump in, learn how to protect your hair while swimming! This post is going to tackle all things water/hair related.

Easy Hairstyles

Want a few quick and easy hairstyles you can add to your hair arsenal without getting too complicated? You’re in luck, today we’ll be featuring 4 fun hairstyles you can use immediately!

Can You Sleep In Clip In Extensions

Can I Sleep in my Hair Extensions?

Can you sleep wearing Clip In Extensions? We’ll be tackling this misleading and confusion subject and show you the best ways you can avoid hair damage while wearing extensions!

What Is Remy Hair?

Remy and Virgin human hair is often mixed up and used interchangeably. We’ll clear up any confusion and give you the low-down on Remy vs. Virgin hair.

Different Hair Extension Textures

With Sew In and Clip In Extensions, it’s all about texture and you should understand the many different extension textures available.


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