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How to Fix Common Hair Styling Mistakes

 How To Fix Common Hair Styling Mistakes

We’ve all made mistakes before whether it’s forgetting to bring your umbrella to work when it’s raining or accidentally leaving a curling wand on your hair for too long and burning your hair strands. The bottom line is that all these small mistakes are meant to be learned from – plus hey if you’re not messing up from time to time and taking risks, are you actually living life to the fullest and growing as a human being? We at Endless Hair Extensions believe that mistakes are simply part of the process toward becoming the strongest version of yourself.

The hair styling mistakes we’re going to be dealing with in this blog post, however, aren’t terribly serious and can easily be fixed as we’re going to explain here. These hair styling mistakes are ones that happen during during the busy times in our lives and are easily recoverable. The tips and tricks listed below will help you deal with hair styling mistakes after you’ve found yourself tight for time or just don’t feel like starting over again. Let’s jump right into it!

Mistake #1: Curling Iron Bend

The first of three hair styling mistakes we’re going to talk about is the dreaded curling iron bend. This is a common one and can happen to even the most experienced of hair stylists and is simply a crimp that occurs in your hair when you’ve left the curling iron in for too long or curling in the wrong direction.

The first thing to do during these hair styling mistakes is to cool down – literally. Let the curling iron cool down and fight the temptation to fix the bend in your hair immediately as this will only make things worse. The last thing you want to do is to make it harder to correct the bend and you don’t want to use more heat than necessary and end up damaging your hair. Instead use an all natural heat protectant to the affected area and reset your strands before letting them cool down completely. Wait a couple minutes then re-curl the section of hair again and try to curl away from your face to avoid curling another weird bend.

Mistake #2: Hair Elastic Dent

It’s definitely a hassle to have spent hours styling your hair only to go for a run later and come back all sweaty. We want you to have both good hair and good health but we get the time consumed fixing your hair post workout is a drag. As we’ve talked about previously, dry shampoo can certainly help with the sweat but what about the hair elastic dent made made when you went running and didn’t want your hair bouncing up and down? Before we talk about what to do after the fact, it’s best to try and avoid the dent in the first place and that means choosing the right hair elastic. Don’t use a rubber or any standard elastic to secure your hair up but instead use a scrunchie. Yes that’s right, use a normal everyday scrunchie as the nonabrasive cloth won’t put a dent in your hair plans (pun intended).

Now if you didn’t use a scrunchie, not to worry these kinds of hair styling mistakes are easy to fix. Just add a bit of water to a hairbrush and comb through the affected area while blow drying your hair. Don’t bother drying your entire head, focus on the dent and don’t worry about going from your roots all the way to your hair tips and voila you’ve fixed a minor mistake and brought your hair back to its beautiful state looking lovely and fresh.

Mistake #3: Too Much Dry Shampoo

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you don’t have enough time (haven’t we all?) and can’t wash your hair, you’ve probably thought of using dry shampoo – which is fine until you use too much accidentally and apply too much product in your hair and on your scalp. So, what’s the solution to these types of hair styling mistakes? Easy! First don’t panic and wash your hair quickly under water – this won’t fix anything so don’t even try! Instead pat the affected area with a damp towel to soak up the excess shampoo on top of your hair and avoid touching your roots as you don’t want to push the product deeper into your hair which makes it harder to reach.

After using the towel, you’ll find that your hair looks strangely white. Don’t worry, simply use a few drops of hair oil – not too much – and carefully apply to the area of your scalp that is affected with the excess shampoo. This oil will replicate the natural oils in your hair and help soak up the extra product. After that just brush through your hair to remove the last bits of shampoo and that’s it, you’re done! No more dry shampoo in your hair!


We hope that through these hair styling mistakes, we’ve provided you with the ability and confidence to tackle any hair styling mistakes that come your way. Just remember that most hair styling mistakes are relatively simple to correct and as long as you know a few basic techniques, they should be no problem at all.

As always, if you have any questions about Endless Hair Extensions or want to learn more about our company, feel free to email us at [email protected] or read our story here. We’re always happy to help you!


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