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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

Although we’ve already talked about how to wash your hair, you may be wondering, “how often should you wash your Hair?” let’s face it, most of us are lazy and don’t want to do more work than needed. The truth is, however, you do need to wash your hair at some point so we’re here to break down exactly when. If you’re not careful and don’t wash it enough, your hair will become dirty, yet at the same time, if you wash it too much you run the risk of making your hair dry out and become brittle.

Hair Type & Lifestyle

We get many emails from girls asking, “how often should you wash your hair?” and the first thing to know is that hair type matters. Just as there are different hair products for different hair types, the same is true for how often you wash your hair within your hair routine. For instance, the thicker your hair strands are the longer you can go before needing to wash. The opposite is true for thinner hair which tends to get dirty and oily faster. Curly hair is usually dryer while straight hair needs to be washed more often. The list goes on and on but the point is that different hair types need a different approach in your hair routine. Do you workout? If so, you’ll need to wash your hair more often as the more active you are, the more sweat builds up and clogs your pores. So when you ask, “how often should I wash my hair?” you have to understand that there are multiple factors involved. 

Hair Color

Something that is often overlooked is how the color of your hair can affect when you wash your hair. If your hair is darker (brunette) then don’t wash your hair more than twice a week regardless of your type and texture. The reason is because that  shampooing brunette hair too often will cause it to lose some of its pigment, resulting in faded color. Fun fact: pigments help to keep your hair looking less oily and darker colors keep their shine longer so frequent shampooing can damage your natural shine.

How often do I need to wash my hair?

If your hair is dry, wash it as much as twice a week and oily hair types daily. You may be in the blessed group of people who have normal hair and don’t suffer from either dry or oily hair and can wash your hair whenever you feel the need. Don’t forget that thin hair needs to be washed more than thicker or processed hair which might need to be washed more often due to the oils in your scalp reaching the ends of the hair shaft slower. You may wonder then, if I have dry hair and should only wash my hair twice a week, when can I take a shower outside of washing your hair? Easy. Simply buy a shower cap and keep your hair dry as your wash the rest of yourself. You could also just rinse your hair without using any hair product. Instead of the usual shampoo and conditioner routine, opt for a conditioner only washing and let your hair’s natural oils do their work.


So to answer, “how often should I wash my hair?” you need to factor in the specifics of your hair and understand your hair’s texture, styling, the lifestyle you’re leading, hair products your use and so on to determine the perfect hair routine for yourself. While it may be tricky to figure out exactly when considering all these factors, you should be relived to know that there is actually an average you can go by and that’s if you wash your hair once every 2-3 days. You should know that the less you wash your hair, it adapts to less washing and realizes that it doesn’t have to produce as much oil. While training your hair takes time, it’s worth it in the end.

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