What's The Best Hair Extension For Thinning Hair?

There are two things to know about hair extensions in order to maximize your volume potential:

Hair Type

The first is the type of hair. 100% Remy, raw, virgin hair extensions with naturally occurring textures is the best for thinning hair because it will match your own natural hair flawlessly and also weigh less ounce to ounce compared to conventional extensions while still retaining the same volume. You will find that you need less hair/clips to achieve the same look and feel wearing this type of higher quality of hair.

This is huge, especially if you have hair loss due to traction alopecia and want to wear hair extensions without causing damage to your hair. Even if you don’t have hair damage, they’ll still feel lighter on your head!

Size of Weft/Track

The second thing to know is the size of the weft/track, and beard on the hair extension. Having a thin weft/track and beard allows you to easily blend your hair extension in with your own natural hair. No elaborate processes needed to cover your own thinning hair.

If you suffer from thinning hair and want to quickly add volume without damaging your scalp, you need to wear Remy, raw, virgin hair extensions! We designed our Premium Hair Extensions to specifically fit and cater to those who have finer or thinning hair. Our Premium Collection comes in 100 grams/3.5 ounce sets that allow you to add as much or little volume as you’d like. In fact, you may find that you only need a few wefts and won’t even use them all. 

If you have any questions about Endless Hair Extensions or want to learn more about our company, feel free to email us at [email protected] or read our story here. We’re always happy to help you!


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