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Dabaen Collection

Dabaen Collection

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Indian Hair Extensions

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Our Texture Adapting System™ Indian Virgin naturally occurring textures: Curly, wavy, and straight have been meticulously separated into 8 Individual virgin textures. Natural black also is separated to include Natural darkest brown #2. 100% authentic virgin Indian Temple hair-You can dye, color, and wash and style as often as as you need without the worry of ruining your extension. No process including steam have been done to create these textures and colors.

Indian Virgin-curly, wavy, and straight have been separated into 8 Individual natural occurring virgin textures.
100% authentic virgin hair-You can dye,color,and wash and style as often as as you need without the worry of ruining your extension.
No processes chemical or steam have been done on these textures.

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High Quality Clip In 

Our Indian Clip Ins are 100% virgin & Remy hair collected from a single donor, with the cuticles running in the same direction which eliminates tangling or matting. Virgin hair is not altered by steam or chemical processing in any way and is also the longest lasting worldwide.

Why Our Clip Ins?

Our clip ins can give you that beautiful hair you’ve always dreamed of and are quick and easy to install without the help of your stylist so you can get more volume and length today without sacrificing feel or look!

About Our Clip Ins

If you would like to know more about Remy versus virgin hair,  be sure to check read more about virgin and remy hair here. All of our Indian products are  100% Remy, Raw, Virgin. See how our clip-ins can help you achieve your transformation today!

Indian remy Virgin Clip in
Why buy natural curly clip-ins? Our virgin Remy Clip-Ins are perfect for adding to your curls so you can get dense and beautiful locks when your hair is thin or simply lacking the oomph you want. Our Clip-In extensions are very quick and easy to install and due to the low profile of our clips blend in seamlessly with your own natural hair without causing damage to your hair or scalp.

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