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Malaysian Elegant Collection come in sets between 10″ – 24″ in length and are 100% Remy. 
Comes in a full headset extension (100 grams) or headset bundle (300 grams).

How To Pick Your Style

Picking the right texture to blend seamlessly in with your own natural texture is easy once you know your own texture. To do this, first wet and examine your strands closely. You are looking for either a curl, wave, frizz, straight pattern or a combination of them. Still unsure? We’re happy to help! Email us or check out our support page.
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Can I Sleep In My Weave?

These tips can be used with any Malaysian products like our Malaysian weave and Malaysian bundles!

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I’ve heard countless girls tell me how they really want to wear weaves but they exercise most days and are unsure if they can work out with with them on. I used to think this when I wore non-Remy, non-virgin, and non-raw weave too but I discovered after several years that unless you wear quality weaves and wear them correctly, it’s true, you won’t be able to wear them and workout. 

Having an active lifestyle, including running or any type of aerobic exercise doesn’t have to exclude you from wearing any type of bundle such as Malaysian bundles. Actually, you can run a marathon and run daily and still have great looking locks during and after your run.

It’s essential that you buy the highest-quality and know how to wear them properly during and after working out. Personally, I like to use a baseball hat when I’m running with with them in, I simply put my tresses into a ponytail and go. If you don’t like wearing a hat you can also pull your locks into a ponytail and run or exercise like that. Whatever method and style you choose, make sure it’s loose enough to prevent putting too much stress on your own scalp. Keep reading this blog post here. Shop high quality Malaysian bundles here.

Why Malaysian Bundles

Maybe you have short or thin tresses but you still really want more volume and length and achieve whatever dream look you’ve always wanted. We are excited to showcase our diverse collection of what we feel to be the best Malaysian bundles in a variety of textures and lengths. 

Quality Malaysian Weave

Choosing the best Malaysian bundles for your needs to achieve your beauty dreams is possible with us. See how our 100% Remy Malaysian weaves are unmatched in quality yet still affordable. If you’re curious why we believe we have the best Malaysian bundles see our blog post here.

Experimenting With Your Style

If you like experimenting with different styles, be sure to check out our blog! All of our bundles is made from the highest quality 100% Remy. So what’s stopping you from getting more volume and length with Malaysian bundles?

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Jennifer started a journey to "provide all women the chance to gain confidence in their looks and achieve their beauty dreams with more volume and length than other before! There's an weave for every woman whether it's clip, tape, sew in, wig or bundle."

Jennifer - Visionary and CEO

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