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Picking the Right Texture for Your Hair Extension, Bundle or Wig

 Picking the Right Texture for Your Hair Extension, Bundle or Wig

Today’s blog post is going to talk about a simple but important part of choosing the best extension for your needs: picking the right texture for your extension, bundle, or wig that will match to your own natural hair’s texture. While essential, it’s a breeze once you understand what to do. The key to a seamless blend between the extension and your own natural hair is to match your natural hair’s texture to the extension’s texture. This is done in two quick steps:

First You Have to Determine Your Natural Hair's Texture

If you’re unsure of your own hair’s texture when picking the right texture for your hair extension, bundle or wig, wash or wet your hair and examine the strands closely. Pay close attention to the strands and see if there is a curl, wave, frizz or straight pattern. There may very well be multiple patterns in your hair.

Here are some pointers to help you in picking the right texture for your extension

  • Smooth texture, a bit of frizz or completely smooth?
  • Is there more frizz at the ends or throughout your hair?
  • Do you have straight hair or does it have a small slight wave?
  • What size wave does your straight have?
  • Are your curls spiral curls or loose long waves or somewhere between?
  • Smooth or coarse texture?  
  • Is your natural hair a mix of textures? If yes, define which textures.  

The Three Main Categories of Hair Textures

Use the above questions to help identify which texture or combination of textures you have. Remember, all hair can be broken down into three main categories of Straight, Wavy and Curly. Once you’ve determined your texture, you’re ready to move onto the final step which is to choose the extension with that hair texture. We hope this short guide helped you in picking the right texture for your extension, bundle, or wig!

Endless Hair Extensions offers five Hair Collections: The Glam Collection, Brazilian hair, (Styles Collection is our Brazilian hair), Premium Collection is Indian hair and uses the Hair Texture Adapting System*, Elegant is Malaysian hair, and the Natural Collection is Vietnamese hair.

Our Hair Texture Adapting System

Endless Hair Extensions Premium Indian collections use our texture adapting system which simply insures that your extension’s texture will best match your own hair’s texture. Pick from our 8 naturally occurring Indian Virgin & Remy hair textures to achieve a seamless transition from your natural hair to extension without noticing a difference and quite possibly causing you to need fewer ounces/grams to fulfill your desired look and feel saving you time and money!

We offer Indian curly, wave, and straight in natural black. We have taken these basic textures and broken them down to sub textures to create a more diverse variety of curly, wave, and straight to choose from! These are not cookie cutter textures  therefor you can choose a texture that matches your natural hair to enjoy a more seamless transition. We have 4 curly Indian textures : Extra frizzy-kinky curly, frizzy-kinky curly, minimal kinky frizzy curly and smooth curly.

For the wave we offer 2: Minimal frizzy wave and smooth wave.

And for the straight we offer straight and straight with a wave.

These textures colors have also been defined as not just natural black but also natural darkest brown with is similar to brown #2

If you have any questions about Endless Hair Extensions or want to learn more about our company, feel free to email us at [email protected] or read our story here. We’re always happy to help you!


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