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Afro Curly Tips

These tips can be used with any afro curly products!

Brazilian Kinky Curly 1 Bundle

We’ve talked about how to protect your weave while swimming, weave drying mistakes to avoid and whether you can sleep or workout in your weave, but today we’re going to discuss how you can care for your curly locks. Don’t worry if you don’t have curly locks, we’ll be tackling other texture types soon! These tips are provided by Jennifer – Founder and CEO – who has extensive experience battling and working her curls over the years and was more than happy to share these tip and tricks with you to help you with your afro curly weave. Let’s jump right to it!

This is one of the easiest curly locks tips to remember: keep your scalp clean. It’s important to not over wash your curly tresses due to curly textures being dryer than other types. Do, however, shampoo your it to keep it healthy and able to grow but focus on your scalp. The last thing you want to do is strip your cuticles of their natural oils so avoid excessive shampooing but definitely use conditioner after time you wash your tresses and do a regular deep conditioning from time to time. As we’ve said before with curls, washing them once or twice a week is just perfect just don’t over do it! Keep reading this post here.

Quality Kinki  & Afro Curly Weave

Here’s our collection of afro curly weave which made naturally 100% Remy  to get you that length and volume you want. Our large variety of textures allows you to find the perfect fit with your own natural texture too. 

Why Afro Curly Or Kinki 

Our 100% Remy afro curly weave is perfect for adding extra oomph to your curls so you can get beautiful locks even if your locks are thin or simply lacking the volume you want. All of our kinki, afro curly weave, and afro weave blend in seamlessly with your natural texture due to the small beards and won’t cause damage to your scalp. Buy ‘afro curly weave today and get longer, thicker locks! 

Kinki & Mongolian Curly

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