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Natural Heat Protectants

These tips can be used with any all virgin hair such as: blonde virgin hair, raw blonde hair, and blonde weave bundles.

12″ Remy Virgin Curly Wave Light Golden Blonde

While you may not want to think about it, if your hair seems to be lacking the “oomph” it once had, your hair may be damaged. Of course, there are a number of reasons for hair damage, but a major one is not using heat protectants on your hair (or your blonde weave bundles, raw blonde hair, or blonde virgin hair) before using hot tools when styling. Below we’ve compiled four all natural heat protectants you can start using today to prevent further damage and gain back those beautiful curls you miss! Before we get into the oils, however, you should know why these natural heat protectants are better than any silicone heat protectants for hair and extensions such as raw blonde hair. The reason is simple: they form a protective hedge around your hair cuticles without causing breakage or hair loss because natural oils feed your hair strands from the inside as opposed to creating an artificial hedge that is easily washed away.

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed Oil has a high smoke point which means that it can withstand the immense heat from hot tools such as curlers and blow dryers (which are used on all virgin hair, blonde virgin hair, and blonde hair extensions human hair) which is tremendous in the world of natural heat protectants. Side bonus: it will give your hair a wonderful slick shine. Simply add several drops evenly to your hair and then style as normal. You can find grapeseed oil at your local supermarket or health food store easily. Keep reading this blog post here. Shop raw blonde hair, blonde weave bundles, and blonde virgin hair here.

12″ Remy Virgin Curly Wave Light Golden Blonde

Length And Volume With All Virgin Hair

One of the first things people notice about you is your hair and what you’re doing with it. How you feel about your hair also affects your confidence. If you’re thinning or simply wanting more volume and length you should consider wearing extensions, including virgin hair, blonde weave bundles, or blonde virgin hair. Choosing the right hair extension is very important as this is one of the first thing people notice about your personality. Of the different installation types, virgin hair is the best, as it blends naturally into you own natural hair texture and won’t damage your hair or scalp. Our blonde weave bundles, blonde hair extensions human hair, and raw blonde hair is a great solution as we use the highest quality materials to make our extensions while still offering them at an affordable price point. We have a diverse range to choose from in terms of texture and shades. If you’re curious why we believe we have the best ‘all virgin hair’: blonde hair extensions human hair, blonde weave bundles, and blonde virgin hair, read our blog post about our unmatched quality.

Why All Virgin Hair

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Longer, thicker hair with all virgin hair
  • The ability to use heat tools
  • No damage to your hair or scalp
Not sure which one of our sets would be best for you? Our virgin hair, blonde weave bundles, and raw blonde hair are a great starting place as it covers the majority of cases. What’s stopping you from getting your dream hair today with all virgin hair?
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