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Brazilian Deep Wave 3 Bundle With 13×4 Lace Frontal

Swimming With My Weave

These tips can be used with any of our products, like our Brazilian deep wave, deep wave bundles, and deep curly!

Brazilian Deep Wave 3 Bundle With 13×4 Lace Frontal

In a previous blog post, we discussed how you can wear clip in’s while working out. In this blog post, we’re going to dive deeper (no pun intended) and talk about how you can protect your tresses (which can include our Brazilian deep wave, deep wave bundles) while swimming. Even if you don’t work out, these tips and routines are still helpful for going to the beach or lake if that’s your thing. Whatever your beauty routine is – heavily or minimally processed – it’s important to understand your hair type to best care for it before, during, and after swimming. Let’s jump right into this.

While each hair type needs its own individual routine and treatment, exposure to chlorine, fresh water, and salt water can do some serious damage to your deep wave, whether it’s your deep wave bundles, Brazilian deep wave, if you’re not careful. We hope this detailed guide will help you best care for your tresses in different water types and know what to do if you’ve damaged your locks already while swimming and/or what to do after a dip to keep your Brazilian deep wave, deep wave bundles and feeling beautiful. To keep reading this blog post click here.

Deep Wave 

Maybe you have short or thin tresses but you still really want beautiful, full locks and achieve whatever dream look you’ve always wanted. We are excited to showcase our diverse collection of what we feel to be the best in a variety of textures and lengths including our deep wave bundles and Brazilian deep wave. 

Quality Deep Wave 

Choosing the best Brazilian deep wave for your needs to achieve your beauty dreams is possible with us. See how our 100% Remy weaves are unmatched in quality yet still affordable. If you’re curious why we believe we have the best ‘deep wave weaves’ see our blog post here

Experimenting With Looks

If you like experimenting with different styles, be sure to check out our blog! All of our weaves are  highest quality 100% Remy  (including our deep wave bundles and deep curly weave). Our deep wave weave and deep wave bundles can help you achieve your  transformation today!

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