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Lace Frontals

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Styleable and created with a color adapting system, 
you can have the beautiful glamorous hair you desire

Brazilian Frontals

Styles Collection comes 18″ in length and 75 grams (2.6 oz) each. 
Made with 100% Remy human hair. 
Available in 1B Natural Black and can lift to a #613 Blonde.

Oils To Add Your Hair Care Routine

These tips can be used with any frontals including products like our lace frontal and human hair frontal.

Russian Blonde Body Wave Lace Frontal

Olive Oil

While you’ve definitely heard of using olive oil for cooking, you may be wondering about its use as a hair care product in your hair care or your 360 lace frontal care routine. Not to worry, olive oil is packed full of fatty acids which soften and smooth hair strands and hair shafts by covering them in a protective shield and is also high in vitamin E that fights against sunlight damage. Not only that, but olive oil is a heat protectant and will essentially hide damaged hair strands giving your hair a nice slick shine. Olive oil is one of the best oils you can use on your hair (as well as your human hair frontal) and add to your hair care routine.

Olive oil is best applied once a week and should be used on dry or damp hair. Unlike every other oil we’ve talked about, you can lather olive oil in generously to your hair or your frontal hair and don’t have to worry about not touching your roots. It’s best not to leave on too long – half an hour should be enough before rinsing out with cold water. Keep reading this blog post here. Shop our human hair frontal here.

Russian Blonde Body Wave Lace Frontal

Top Quality Lace Frontal

Here we have our collection of frontal hair, made from the highest quality materials and give your own hair the length and volume you desire. 

Why Human Hair

After you buy the best ‘human hair frontal’, you’ll see how they’re perfect for adding extra oomph to your own hair so you can get dense and beautiful hair even if your natural hair is thin or simply lacking the volume you want.

More About Us

We truly believe in customer satisfaction! Feel free to contact us for help to buy the right hair! We are happy to help you with any of our products. Contact us here if you need help choosing the right color or length!

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