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Real Hair Extensions

Choose Install Method

Our Silky Straight Glam Collection
Clip Ins come 20″ in length and 120 grams.
Tape Ins come 20″ in length and in 50, 100 and 150 grams.

How To Pick Your Install Method

Clip extensions are installed via clips, this method can be temporary and be re-installed for daily use.
Tape extensions are installed via strips of tape. This method is semi-permanent, you can re-use however by adding new strips of tape to the hair.

Different Types Of Extensions

These tips can be used with any of our extensions!

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If you’re new to extensions, you may have heard the words clip ins, or tape in extensions without knowing what they mean and the differences between them.

1) Clip Extensions

Clip extensions are made from a strand of contoured pieces, attached at the base with either fabric or silicone. The clips are attached to its base and come ready to use. At this point, it’s as easy as clipping in the pieces to your own natural hair and you’re done! Each clip snaps open and closes easily.

Clip extensions are the least permanent style of extensions because you can quickly remove them and put them back on whenever you want. The great thing about this install method is that unlike some other installation methods, there is no damage whatsoever to your scalp or hair because there aren’t any chemicals, heat, or pressure – they simply clip right onto your hair! You can also install clip extensions in a few minutes by yourself without the need for a hairdresser.

2) Tape Extensions

Tape style extensions are self-explanatory: they are extensions that are pre-tapped and then taped or glued together on either side of your own hair. Unlike clip extensions, tape extensions require a hairdresser to install them because you need to align and glue them with the roots and this is difficult to do without another pair of hands. Of course, when you apply heat to your roots and any adhesive product such as tape or glue, this can damage your hair so tape extensions are potentially more damaging. The process of installing tape extensions usually takes an hour and if the extensions are in good condition they can be re-used.

To read more about other install methods here.

High Quality Hair

If you’re shopping for premium quality extensions such as our clip on extensions, then you’ve found the right place! We are a trusted destination for quality Remy human hair that are also affordable so you can get the hair you desire.

Why Real Hair Extensions

Our clip on extensions and tape extensions can transform your ordinary hair into your dream hair. Our clip extensions are so simple to install that can you put them in yourself without needing a stylist quickly and easily. In minutes you can have longer, thicker hair without sacrificing feel or look as our tape extensions and clip on extensions are 100% Remy and blend in seamlessly with your own natural hair. Get longer, thicker hair today with tape extensions and clip on extensions!

Clip On Extensions

If you like experimenting with different hairstyles, be sure to check out our hair blog! All of our tape extensions and clip on extensions are made from the highest quality 100% Remy human hair. See how our extensions can help you achieve your hair transformation today.

  • A Word From Our Founder

Jennifer started a journey to "provide all women the chance to gain confidence in their looks and achieve their hair dreams with thicker, longer hair! There's an extension for every woman whether it's clip in, tape in, sew in, wig or bundle."

Jennifer - Visionary and CEO of Endless Hair Extensions



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