3) Do you like your straight hair to have a body wave or not?

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Different Extension Textures

These tips can be used with any Indian straight hair and remy straight hair.

Remy Hair Extensions

When it comes to Indian sew in and clip in hair, it’s all about texture. Sew in and clip in Indian extensions should be:

  • Virgin/raw: having absolutely no steam or chemical processing to achieve their texture or color. Thus they must have a naturally occurring texture and color. 
  • Remy: having been cut as a ponytail haircut and not collected from a hairbrush or off a salon floor.

These extensions, such as Indian straight hair or remy straight hair, can be coarse or smooth, depending on where the hair originates from.

What you want to do is find a texture that will blend and extend your natural hair texture. With these Remy and virgin/raw extensions, you won’t have to curl, or flat iron the hair for it to blend in easily and comfortably with your own natural hair. Keep reading this blog post here. Shop Indian straight hair and remy straight hair here.

Remy Hair Extensions

On Fleek With Straight Sew In Hair

Maybe you have short or thin hair but you still really want it to be fuller and thicker and achieve whatever dream look you’ve always wanted. This is all possible with us! We are excited to showcase our diverse collection of what we feel to be the best ‘straight hair sew in’ and straight human hair sew in in a variety of textures and lengths.

Quality Straight Sew In Hair

Choosing the best ‘straight hair sew in’ and long straight sew in for your needs to achieve your hair dreams is possible with us. See how our 100% Remy, Raw, Virgin extensions are unmatched in quality yet still affordable. If you’re curious why we believe we have the best ‘straight sew in hair’ and ‘long straight sew in’ extensions, see our blog post here.

Experiment With Straight Sew In Hair

If you like experimenting with different styles, be sure to check out our hair blog. All of our extensions (which include our long straight sew in and straight human hair sew in) are 100% Remy, Raw, and Virgin including our straight human hair sew in and straight hair sew in?

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