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The Ultimate Hairbrush Guide

The Ultimate Hairbrush Guide

Of the different beauty accessories girls use, the least thought about is probably the hairbrush. While we all think about our curling wands, hair dryers, etc when’s the last time you put serious thought into your hairbrush and its use in your hair care routine? Do you know of the different types of hairbrushes and their uses? Don’t worry if you don’t know, we’re going to give you the low down on the different hairbrushes that you can add to your arsenal to enhance your hair care routine! The right hairbrush will help achieve the perfect hair-do you’re after. Let’s jump right into the ultimate hairbrush guide!

You may think that using the correct hairbrush is silly (aren’t they all the same?), but remember this is a beauty tool that you’re using day in, day out and so making the switch to the proper brush might just be what’s limiting you in your hair looks. Heck, even beyond using it to brush your hair, the right brush can help prevent breakage and keep your hair in the best shape possible (pun intended).

You might think finding the right brush for your needs would be easy and simple but it actually can be overwhelming because how many different options there are. Plus, just like the many makeup brushes you probably own for different situations, such is the case with hairbrushes. Below we’ve compiled a bunch of essential hairbrushes that will help you determine which brushes you’ll need for your unique needs. Trust us, you’ll never see the hairbrush the same way again.

Paddle Hairbrush

First up we have the paddle hair brush. This brush works with all hair types and is great for detangling hair. This is a common hair brush that most girls own and is perfect for those who need to fix a tangled mess without causing damage. It’s flat, wide shape gives it superior control as well as very smooth results without breaking the natural pattern of wavy or curly hair. Depending upon the bristles, you can tackle either thick or thin hair. With thicker hair, for an example, choose a brush with strong bristles like nylon.

Round Hairbrush

Next we have the round hairbrush which is good for medium to thick hair and is best for blowouts. It’s possible with the right round brush and strength to achieve a salon-quality blowout by yourself. Round brushes are made with a metal barrel which heats up with use of a blow dryer and thus helps fight against frizziness and gives you a wonderful bounce in your hair. If you have fine to normal hair, however, don’t use a round brush with heat as you can easily damage your hair’s already weak ends. Try a mixed bristle brush instead.  

The bristle and size options are endless with round brushes. When deciding on a round brush, determine the length of your hair and the size of the curl/wave you’re trying to create. Since round brushes are great for creating big volume and body in your hair, it’s a brush you want to use while blow drying your hair. Remember: the smaller the brush, the tighter the curls while bigger the brush, the straighter the hair and larger the waves will be.

Teasing Hairbrush

Teasing hairbrushes works well with all hair types and are best for adding volume. Use this brush to lift your roots, add fullness, create texture to support beautiful updos, or even make the perfect base to install hair extensions. Don’t use a teasing hairbrush if your hair is very fine or fragile and even if your hair isn’t, avoid extensive use to avoid damage in general.  

Wide Tooth Comb

The classic wide tooth comb is great for all hair types and is used for detangling wet hair. This is the comb you want to reach for after getting out of the shower to avoid breakage as hair is the most vulnerable when wet. Although you probably already own this brush, be sure to pick one up if you don’t as it’s great for distributing leave-in hair treatments as well.

Detaining Hairbrush

The detangling hairbrush as its name states is perfect for all hair types and is meant for detangling both wet and dry fine hair. As we mentioned before, wet hair is in a delicate state so to prevent breakage, use a wide tooth comb to gently open up tangles and knots without causing damage.

Rat Tail Comb

The rat tail comb isn’t a brush at all and is used for parting your hair in precise, clean sections. If you’re trying to achieve perfectly straight double braids, use the rat tail comb to part your hair into two equal sections to make life easier. It’s also awesome for backcombing your hair. The rat tail comb works with all hair types.

Boar Hairbrush

The boar bristle brush is only good on fine, curly hair and is used for styling dry hair. The boar bristle brush isn’t the most gentle on your scalp although it’s perfect for gliding through your hair without getting caught on your roots which is why it’s best for gals with fine hair. It’s a perfect brush to use after heat styling due to the brush’s ability to distribute your hair’s natural oil around your scalp and in your hair.  

Vented Hairbrush

The vented brush is for blow drying as the vents on the back of the brush allow hot air to enter during hair drying and speeds up the process. It’s a rather simple brush to use: with one hand control the blow dryer and with the other brush your hair from root to tip and you’re done – it’s almost as quick and easy as installing clip in hair extensions! The vented brush works with all hair types.

Looper Hairbrush

Finally, we have the looper brush which funny name aside, is actually an essential brush to own and is fine with all hair types. It’s perfect to use on hair extensions as the looper brush’s looped bristles allow them to gently go over wefts without getting snagged. They work well with clip in, sew in, tape in and other types of hair extensions without causing damage.

So Which Brush Should I Buy?

OK, so we just went through 9 brushes with different purposes and uses. Which do we recommend? As always, experiment and determine which brushes would fit well within your hair care routine and remember that it’s okay to have a few hairbrushes as one hairbrush won’t fit every hair situation or need. We hope that through the ultimate hairbrush guide you’ll be able to determine the correct brush that fits your needs!

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