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Vietnamese Hair

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Vietnamese Natural Collection Comes 
10″ – 40″ in Length. Made with 100% Remy, raw, virgin human hair. 
Comes in a full headset extension (100 grams).
Our Vietnamese bundles come straight from the country sides of Vietnam. This hair is double drawn, very thick to the ends of the tip, and is from a single donor. Naturally occurring textures that provide endless styling options to keep up with the latest trends.

How To Pick Your Style

Picking the right texture to blend seamlessly in with your own natural hair is easy once you know your own hair’s texture. To do this, first wet and examine your strands closely. You are looking for either a curl, wave, frizz, straight pattern or a combination of them. Still unsure? We’re happy to help! Email us or check out our support page.
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Virgin Vs Remy

These tips can be used with any of our Vietnamese products like our Vietnamese weave and Vietnamese bundles.

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Before answering the question, you first need to know what raw, virgin, and Remy means.

Raw/virgin human hair is untouched human hair with absolutely no chemical or steam processes used to achieve a certain color or texture. The textures of raw/virgin hair will be naturally occurring and you may, in fact, find a grey strand strand in these extensions as they are Remy with a cuticle running in the same direction, from one single donor. Keep reading this blog post here. Buy Vietnamese bundles here.

High Quality Vietnamese Bundles

If you’re shopping for premium quality Vietnamese bundles, then you’ve found the right place! We are a trusted destination for quality Remy human bundles that are also affordable so you can get the volume and length you desire with our Vietnamese bundles!

Why Raw Vietnamese Bundles

Our Vietnamese bundles can transform your ordinary hair into your dream hair and are quick and easy to install. Vietnamese bundles can give you great length and volume without sacrificing feel or look as our Vietnamese bundles are 100% Remy, raw, and virgin.

What’s More

If you like experimenting with different styles, be sure to check out our blog!  All of our Vietnamese bundles are 100% Remy, raw, virgin. See how our Vietnamese bundles can transform your hair!

  • A Word From Our Founder

Jennifer started a journey to "provide all women the chance to gain confidence in their looks and achieve their hair dreams with more volume and length than other before! There's an extension for every woman whether it's clip, tape, sew in, wig or bundle."

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